Norden foreslår endringer av AIPS-kongresser

Hvorfor må AIPS-kongresser være kostbare prestisjearrangementer som nå snart bare diktaturer kan være vertskap for? Norden foreslår endringer.

På den nordiske kongressen i Helsingfors i slutten av man ble det blant annet disktert hvordan vår verdensorganisasjon, AIPS, kan få større troverdighet ved å dempe sine påkostede kongresser. Disse arrangeres hvert år, og på grunn av kostnadene er det nesten blitt vanlig at bare diktaturstater, eller land med spesielt behov for et arrangement å markedsføre, kan være vertskap.

Nylig hadde det europeiske forbundet møte i Minsk og neste års AIPS-kongress er lagt til Doha i Qatar. De fleste vet nok hvorfor.

Nå har Norden fått utarbeidet sitt forslag om å dempe kostnadene og å arrangere kun annenhvert år. Forslaget gjengis under. Det er også sendt styret i AIPS og det er sendt inn til AIPS-kongressen innen tidsfristen.


Nordic countries suggest

AIPS Congress only
every second year
The Nordic countries, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, had a congress meeting in Helsinki on May 26-28. We took a decision for an official suggestion to be handled on the next AIPS Congress.
The Nordic countries suggest that the AIPS Congress in the future should be held every second year instead of every year. The main reason is the huge cost for arranging the congress.
It is nowadays impossible for a small country to arrange a AIPS Congress, recently shown when Uruguay withdraw with short notice.
Instead many of our latest congresses have been held in countries with no, or limited freedom of the media. It is really embarrassing to be discussing working conditions for sports journalists, when being in a country, where NO journalists can work freely. 
“Reporters Without Boarders” has a “press freedom index” where they rank 180 countries. 
Some of our latest congress countries are considered to have a “difficult situation” or “very serious situation” concerning press freedom.  
Among them are Qatar on place 115, Turkey on 149, Russia on 152 and Azerbaijan on 162. Turkmenistan has been named as a possible future host. The country is on place 178 – only Eritrea and North Korea are considered worse.
We also think that the congresses can be held at a lower cost. Perhaps we can stay at 4 star hotels instead of 5 stars and we don’t need spectacular dinners every night.
In the 21th century we think that the “womens program” with excursions for wives and husbands to the delegates are not appropriate. 
We also know that the interpreter system is very costly. Perhaps we could cut down to only languages spoken by many delegates like English, Spanish and Arabic – or even use only English. 
Our idea is that in the years when no AIPS Congress is being held, there should be continental congresses and regional congresses like the Nordic one. 
Best Regards
Mats Taxén, president, Swedish Sportjournalist Federation
Heikki Miettinen, president, Sportwriters Association Finland 
Reidar Sollie, president, Norwegian Sportjournalist Federation
Andreas Kraul, president, Danish Sportjournalist Federation
Eirikur Stefán Ásgeirsson, Iceland’s Sportjournalist Federation